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Baby K'Tan Baby Carrier

Baby K'Tan Baby Carrier

Baby K’tan is an environmentally friendly company which manufactures 100% natural cotton and organic baby carriers without chemicals or azo dyes. All carriers and are manufactured under safe conditions.The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier (patent pending) is a 100% natural cotton, unique, ergonomically designed & stylish soft baby carrier. The Baby K'tan is a cross between a sling and a more structured front baby carrier, offering the positions and benefits of both, and more!

The Baby K'tan carrier is recommended by doctors and midwives It is used in hospitals across the U.S. for preemies and babies with developmental delays and it's unique double-sling design enables parents to carry twins hands-free. The carrier has no hardware and no there is wrapping to do. The back support band is adjustable and it rests comfortably on both shoulders. There are over eight positions starting from preemie to preschool (up tp 42 lbs.). The Baby K'tan is easy to use and comes with an instructional manual. The double sling provides extra security for your baby and privacy when nursing. The Baby K'tan is machine washable and dryer safe.

The Baby K’tan’s unique two loop design holds babies more securely and is extremely easy to use. It is easy to put on and take off. The Baby K'tan also comes with a FREE baby hat and matching sash!

A percentage of proceeds from the sale of pink carriers will go to the Susan G. Komen for the cure - Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Chapter. This is a great way to help with the fight against breast cancer and know a little bit is going directly to the organization in the owners' hometown.

NEW! Baby Ktan Breeze Carrier

The Breeze carrier has the same great double loop design as the original Baby K’tan, but is made of 50 percent breathable mesh & 50 percent soft cotton. This mesh/cotton construction reduces heat and moisture, making it more breathable and comfortable for the infant and caregiver during outdoor active use, while retaining the same stability and ease-of-use as the original. Available in t-shirt black and t-shirt white, the carrier is azo dye-free and chemical-free. A blend of sling and carrier, the Baby K’tan can be worn with an infant in more than nine positions. Lightweight and compact like a sling, the Baby K'tan carrier also goes over both shoulders to evenly distribute a baby's weight with adjustable back support, like a structured carrier, and allows children up to 35 pounds to be carried.

Each loop of the Breeze Carrier is comprised of two separate halves - one half is cotton interlock while the other is a breathable mesh fabric. This unique combination allows for the same comfort as the original Baby K’tan Baby Carrier while at the same time giving added breathability, keeping you and baby cool!

In the winter, rotate the loops so that the cotton is in front, keeping baby warm and cozy.

In the summer, rotate the loops so that the mesh is in front, keeping baby cool and breezy!

Baby Ktan Breeze
Baby Ktan Breeze

Baby K'tan Breeze Baby Carrier in Black

Baby K'tan Baby Carrier in Black
Baby K'tan in Sage Green


Baby K'tan Baby Carrier in Basic Black


Baby K'tan Baby Carrier in Sage Green

Baby K'tan in Brown

Baby K'tan Baby Carrier in Warm Cocoa


The Baby K’tan™ Baby Carrier is sized to fit the parent or adult who will be carrying the child. Age or weight of child is not a factor in sizing. Many factors can affect sizing, accordingly, we have developed the following sizing chart and sizing tips to assist you in determining the correct carrier size for you and your baby.

Carrier Size XS S M L XL
Women's Dress Size 0-4 6-8 10-12 14-16 18-22
Mens Suit Jacket Size NA Up to 38 39-42 43-46 47-50


The carrier size generally corresponds to your fitted (tight) t-shirt size.

Each person is shaped differently, and like clothing, some people may fit into more than one size or fall in-between sizes on the above sizing chart. The following additional sizing tips should be used as a guide to assist you in ordering the optimal size.

  • If you fall in-between sizes on the above sizing chart, CHOOSE SMALLER SIZE.

  • If you are petite - 5’4" or under - CHOOSE SMALLER SIZE.

  • If you are pregnant, use pre-pregnancy size to determine appropriate carrier size. Carrier size generally corresponds to pre-pregnancy fitted (tight) t-shirt size.

  • Only choose larger size if you are 6 feet or taller.

  • When trying on the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier (without your child inside), the lowest point of the carrier should fall just below your chest and above your navel. When wearing your child in the carrier, the lowest point of the carrier may fall at your navel or waist, but should not fall below your hips.

  • When carrying your child in the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier: if the lowest point of the carrier falls at or below your hips, choose a smaller size; if the lowest point of the carrier falls at your chest, choose a larger size.

  • When carrying your child in the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier, if the carrier feels too loose (i.e., child feels insecure, legs are bumping child’s body as you walk, or carrier easily slips off your shoulder), choose a smaller size.

  • The size of the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is not based upon your child’s age or weight. The cross-stretch of the cotton knit fabric and the eight different carrying positions enables the carrier to grow with your child. Accordingly, you should not require a larger size as your child grows and develops from a baby to a toddler (up to 42 lbs).

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is made entirely of 100% natural cotton knit fabric. The Carrier should fit snugly and securely on you and your child. For optimal fit, wash and tumble dry - this enables the carrier to conform more snugly to your body. If you are new to baby wearing, you may think the Carrier is too small, however, a snug fit is optimal for securely carrying your child and for good back support. The cotton knit fabric enables the Baby K’tan™ Baby Carrier to stretch slightly to conform to you and your child.

It is important that you obtain a Baby K’tan Baby Carrier with the optimal fit, so that you and your baby are comfortable and secure.

If you require any assistance in choosing the proper size, a Baby K’tan™ we would be happy to assist you over the phone or by email. Please call us toll free at (877) 293-5642 or email us at

Baby K-tan Baby K-tan back Baby K'tan



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We love the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier. It is super soft and easy to use. We also love that you can use it in so many ways and can even use it with twins. While other slings can be complicated and intimidating, the Baby K'tan carrier is simple and practical. We love that it comes in a variety of colors and patterns and especially love the new organic cotton fabric style. And of course, as a two-mom owned business ourselves, we are proud to support another parent owned business!

Baby K'tan owners

Co-creators and parents Michal and Issac


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